12 Healthier Ice Cream Brands, According to Registered Dietitians

12 Healthier Ice Cream Brands, According to Registered Dietitians

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  • August 20, 2023
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Indulging in ice cream doesn’t have to derail your healthy eating goals. Registered dietitians have vetted the frozen dessert aisle to bring you 12 ice cream brands that offer a tasty and healthier alternative to traditional options.

Section 1: Criteria for Healthier Ice Cream

**1. Balancing Taste and Nutrition: What to Look for in a Healthier Ice Cream: Overview: Understand the key factors dietitians consider when evaluating ice cream brands for their nutritional value and taste.

**2. Reduced Sugar and Lower Calorie Options: Prioritizing Moderation and Balance: Overview: Learn how ice cream brands that offer reduced sugar and lower calorie options can be a smart choice for mindful indulgence.

Section 2: Dietitian-Approved Ice Cream Brands

**1. Halo Top: Guilt-Free Pleasure with Creative Flavors: Overview: Explore the variety of flavors offered by Halo Top, known for its lower calorie and higher protein content.

**2. Enlightened: Flavor-First Approach with a Focus on Protein and Fiber: Overview: Discover how Enlightened ice cream balances deliciousness and nutrition by incorporating higher protein and fiber content.

**3. Arctic Zero: Aiming for Zero Guilt with Low-Calorie Treats: Overview: Explore Arctic Zero’s lineup of low-calorie ice creams that cater to those looking for a lighter dessert option.

**4. Breyers Delights: Classic Flavors Reimagined with Fewer Calories: Overview: Learn how Breyers Delights offers a spin on classic flavors while keeping calories in check.

**5. Yasso: The Frozen Greek Yogurt Trend with a Healthier Twist: Overview: Discover the appeal of Yasso’s frozen Greek yogurt bars and their protein-rich profile.

**6. Rebel Creamery: Indulgence Without Compromise with Keto-Friendly Options: Overview: Explore Rebel Creamery’s keto-friendly ice creams that prioritize high-quality ingredients and low carb content.

**7. NadaMoo!: A Dairy-Free Delight with Plant-Based Ingredients: Overview: Learn about NadaMoo!’s dairy-free ice creams made with coconut milk and featuring creative flavors.

**8. So Delicious Dairy Free: Coconut-Based Creaminess for Dairy-Free Satisfaction: Overview: Explore So Delicious Dairy Free’s coconut-based ice creams that cater to those with dairy sensitivities.

**9. Talenti Crafted with Less Sugar: Italian-Inspired Artisanal Indulgence: Overview: Discover Talenti’s approach to reducing sugar while maintaining its reputation for gourmet flavors.

**10. Cado Avocado-Based Ice Cream: A Creamy, Heart-Healthy Choice: Overview: Learn how Cado’s avocado-based ice cream offers a unique, heart-healthy option with good fats.

**11. Eclipse Foods: Plant-Based Ice Cream with a Focus on Sustainability: Overview: Explore Eclipse Foods’ plant-based ice cream that prioritizes taste and ethical sourcing.

**12. Nadamoo!: Vegan, Organic, and Flavorful Frozen Treats: Overview: Discover the benefits of Nadamoo!’s vegan and organic ice creams, perfect for those seeking cleaner ingredients.

Conclusion: Indulging in ice cream can be a guilt-free experience with the right choices. By opting for these 12 dietitian-approved ice cream brands, you can enjoy delicious frozen treats without compromising your health and nutritional goals.

FAQs: Q1: Can I enjoy ice cream on a healthy diet? A: Yes, moderation is key. Opt for ice cream brands with reduced sugar and lower calorie options for a balanced treat.

Q2: Are dairy-free ice creams just as tasty as traditional ones? A: Yes, many dairy-free options use high-quality ingredients to create creamy and flavorful alternatives.

Q3: How can I ensure I’m choosing a healthier ice cream option? A: Look for ice creams that have lower sugar content, fewer calories, and higher protein or fiber content.

Q4: What’s the benefit of choosing ice cream with added protein or fiber? A: Ice creams with added protein and fiber can help you feel more satisfied and full, aiding in portion control.

Q5: Are keto-friendly ice creams a good option for those following a ketogenic diet? A: Yes, keto-friendly ice creams like Rebel Creamery can be a satisfying treat for those on a ketogenic diet due to their low carb content.

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