136 people killed in Rwanda and Uganda due to heavy rains and floods

Nairobi: After devastating rains, landslides, and flooding, at least 136 people have died in Rwanda and Uganda. According to details, Rwandan officials reported on Wednesday that at least 129 people have died in Rwanda due to landslides and flooding caused by the Musanze River’s heavy rains, while 6 people have died in Uganda. Rescue workers are searching for those trapped in their homes.

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Roofs collapsed on residents in several areas while they were sleeping at night, and they were not able to be rescued. The governor of the western province of Rwanda, Francois, stated that their main priority now is to reach every affected house, so that trapped individuals can be saved.

According to the Uganda Red Cross, six people died in a mountainous area near the border of Uganda, which is a neighboring country of Rwanda, due to landslides on Wednesday.

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It is clear that Rwanda and Uganda are facing severe and continuous rainfall since the end of March. Information about landslides has also been reported in other high-altitude areas of Uganda, where hundreds of people have become homeless due to flooding.

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