20-year-old woman fatally shot after parking at wrong house in New York

Girl killed by firing on entering the wrong house parking In America, a 20-year-old woman was shot and killed by gunfire when she entered the wrong house parking, and the property owner was arrested by the police.

According to American media reports, the incident occurred in New York, where 20-year-old Kalen was going to a friend’s house with her three other friends.

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The friend in the car said that during their conversation, Kalen turned the car to the wrong place and entered the parking of a wrong house.

Realizing the mistake, she turned the car back and when they were leaving the house, suddenly an elderly person came out from inside and fired without saying anything.

Kalen was hit by a bullet, and her other friend drove the car towards the hospital and they called 911 as the mobile signals were weak in the area.

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911 stopped the car on the way, and medical staff provided assistance to Kalen, but she had already died.

Later, the police took action at the scene, but the elderly property owner denied coming out of the house. An hour later, the police entered and took the elderly person into custody.

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It is worth noting that just one day ago, a similar incident occurred in which a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed when he entered the wrong property and rang the bell.

Feeling threatened, the property owner fired from inside, injuring the boy severely.

Abdul Rehman

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