22 people killed as tourists’ boat capsizes in India

Kerala: At least 22 people have been killed in the Indian state of Kerala after a tourist boat capsized. According to foreign media reports, local authorities in the southern state of Kerala have stated that a double-decker boat filled with tourists capsized near the coastal village of Tanur in the Malappuram district.

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Junior Superintendent of District Police Abdul Nazar told Reuters that there were around 40 passengers on the boat, which capsized at around 7 pm local time on Sunday due to overcrowding.

Rescue sources told the media on Monday that 22 bodies have been recovered, including women and children, while rescue operations are still underway.

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The cause of the tourist boat capsizing near Thovala Theram beach is not yet known, and authorities have expressed concern about the increasing number of fatalities. The capsized boat has been retrieved from the muddy water.

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