57 migrants killed as two boats sink near the coast of Libya

According to the Libyan Coast Guard, at least 57 migrants drowned after two boats sank in a coastal area of Libya.

Rescue workers reported that the two boats sank at different locations in the Mediterranean Sea, resulting in the deaths of at least 57 people.

A Coast Guard officer stated that the bodies of 11 people, including a child, have been recovered. The migrants were from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Tunisia, and Egypt. Four passengers on the boats were lucky enough to reach the shore safely.

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An Egyptian survivor stated that around 80 people were on one of the sinking boats. As the boat began to sink, the passengers kept pleading with the boat’s owner to stop, but the owner ignored their requests and refused to stop the boat.

Rescue workers warn that more bodies could be found floating in the water or washing up on the shore in the coming days.

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