A 7,000-year-old road has been discovered in the sea.

In Croatia, an underwater road made of stone was discovered, estimated to be 7,000 years old. Scientists connected the ancient road to the remains of an ancient settlement near the coast of Solin, buried beneath 7,000-year-old sea sediment found in the Adriatic Sea.

According to experts in ancient artifacts, this ancient road likely connected the sunken city of the Hoare civilization in the Adriatic Sea to the coast of Croatia’s Korcula Island.

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They said that the stone slabs, which were part of a 4-meter-wide plate farm, were apparently joined with caution.

Carbon dating of preserved wood found near the site suggests that the entire settlement was built around 4,900 BC.

Experts in ancient artifacts believe that ancient people traveled on this road, which connected the man-made island built around 7,000 years ago to the coast.

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Scientists from Zadar University said in a statement on Facebook that they found such remnants of ancient artifacts during research under the submerged Nulthek site of Solin Island that left them amazed.

They said that they discovered a road under the sea sediment that had been submerged in a prehistoric era…

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