A student in the university shot and killed his female colleague and then committed suicide.

Uttar Pradesh: In India, a young student studying BA Third Year Sociology at Sheo Nadar University in Uttar Pradesh allegedly shot and killed his female colleague. Following the incident, the accused student also shot himself to death.

According to media reports, the university student was from Kanpur, and the student Anuj Amroha was a resident there. Anuj and the female student who studied together talked and hugged for some time in front of the dining hall between approximately 1:30 and 2 o’clock.

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On the bizarre act of the groom, the wedding procession returned.

According to media reports, after this meeting, Anuj shot the girl with a pistol, causing her to be taken to the hospital in an injured condition where doctors declared her dead. After that, Anuj ran away and shot himself in the boys’ hostel, resulting in his immediate death.

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The police say that Anuj and the female student were already good friends, but there had been a dispute between them for some time.

The police revealed that this entire incident occurred inside the college campus, which the police are investigating thoroughly.

Abdul Rehman

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