A warning outcome of a young man who harassed a woman, watch the video.

In India, a young man was brutally beaten to death by a widow and her family, and the police have filed a case. According to the Indian media, the murder of a young man who broke the heart of a woman has come to light in the Mancherial district of Telangana state. The young man named Mahesh, who harassed a widow in the name of love, was beaten to death by the widow and her family by crushing his head with stones.

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When the widow and her family were attacking Mahesh, at that time, the passersby and people from the surrounding areas were watching the spectacle, but no one came forward to stop them.

The report said that Mahesh had fallen in love with a girl from the same village a few years ago. After that, the girl got married to someone else, and she started living in her in-laws’ village, which caused Mahesh a lot of pain.

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After the marriage, Mahesh continued to harass the aforementioned woman. Mahesh had shared some pictures and videos of this girl on social media, which made the woman’s husband feel humiliated, and he committed suicide a year ago.

After her husband’s suicide, the woman went to her parents’ house, and after that, Mahesh made it a routine to harass her. Several complaints were also made against Mahesh at the police station, but there was no change in his behavior.

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Unable to tolerate Mahesh’s actions, the widow woman, along with her family members, caught Mahesh on the road and beat him up.

Abdul Rehman

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