“Actress Ashna Shah Reveals How She First Met Husband Hamza Amin”

Famous Pakistani actress Ashna Shah has revealed that she first met her husband Hamza Amin through a foreign director who had hired him.

Actress Ashna Shah participated in an ARY News show where she revealed that “I was told about Hamza by one of my friends, and we met after four days. He had already met my friends at a party and dinner and knew Hamza.”

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She said that Hamza Amin had told her that he wanted to marry her, and after meeting her, he told his mother that he wanted to marry Ashna. After a few months of family meetings, we decided to get married, and our wedding took place.

Ashna Shah and Hamza Amin got engaged on February 27 last month, and pictures of their wedding went viral on February 28

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