After the decrease in petrol prices, how much reduction was observed in inflation?

Islamabad: Following a decrease in petrol prices, a slight decrease in the inflation rate was observed in the country last week. In one week, the prices of 23 essential items increased, while prices of 13 items decreased.

According to the details, the National Statistical Agency has released its weekly report on inflation.

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Based on weekly calculations, there was a 0.16% decrease in inflation, bringing the overall inflation rate in the country to 45.72%.

According to the Statistical Agency, last week, 23 essential items became expensive, while 13 items became cheaper. There were no changes in the prices of 15 essential items.

Within one week, chicken became 7.51% more expensive, and tea leaves became 4.53% more expensive. Sugar increased by 2.79%, eggs by 2.29%, energy saver by 2.22%, and tomatoes by 2.11%.

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On the other hand, onions became 9.04% cheaper, garlic became 1.76% cheaper, sugar became 1.42% cheaper, and flour became 1.40% cheaper.

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