Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin

All foods are a priceless gift of nature, and each food group contains different elements that are essential for a balanced physical development. One of these vegetables is “pumpkin.”

Pumpkin was a favorite cultivation of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and its use is not only a tradition but also has numerous medicinal benefits. It contains natural vitamin C, sodium, potassium, and iron, which provide not only strength but also various health benefits.

In our daily lives, we usually use pumpkin as a food ingredient, but it has many other benefits as well. Here are a few remedies in which pumpkin is used as a medicine.

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Relief from Toothache

In case of toothache, take five tolas (approximately 58 grams) of pumpkin pulp and one tola (approximately 11.6 grams) of garlic. Boil them in one glass of water until half of it evaporates. Then gargle with this lukewarm water. InshaAllah (God willing), it will provide relief from the pain.

Comfort in Sore Throat

If you have a complaint of a hoarse voice, gargle with lukewarm water of pumpkin. Besides, this remedy also provides comfort in conditions like a sore throat.

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Protection from Flies

To keep something safe from flies, place pumpkin leaves on it. Flies will never sit on it. If you place pumpkin leaves on breastfeeding infants during the day, they will also remain safe from flies.

Beneficial in Jaundice

Take a fresh bitter pumpkin and burn it lightly in a fire. After it turns into ash, mix a little Egyptian alum in it and drink it with water. It is very useful for jaundice.

In case someone is stung by a scorpion and it becomes difficult to immediately reach a doctor, you can provide immediate medical assistance to the patient using pumpkin pulp. Apply a good amount of pumpkin pulp on the affected area and also give the patient its water to drink. The effect of the poison will be eliminated.

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Relief from Constipation

Patients suffering from chronic constipation can also benefit from pumpkin. Its use helps in relieving the disease.

Please note that these remedies are traditional practices and should not replace proper medical advice or treatment. It is always recommended to consult a healthcare professional for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Abdul Rehman

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