An ostrich grabbed a child by the head, and the heart-wrenching video went viral.

In Turkey, a heart-wrenching incident occurred in a birdhouse in the city of Denizli, where a child narrowly escaped an ostrich attack. The incident was captured on camera and went viral.

According to the details, in the heart-wrenching footage taken at Denizli’s birdhouse, a small child is shown approaching the ostriches. As soon as the child gets close, the ostrich tries to grab the child by the neck, but fortunately, the father quickly intervenes and saves the child.

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The child suffered injuries to the head and neck during the ostrich attack, but was taken to the hospital where his condition was reported as stable.

After the incident, the video went viral on social media, and a debate began about the need for stricter supervision and facilities for young children at the birdhouse.

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It is important to note that birdhouses usually have barriers and signs to ensure the safety of visitors and animals. Visitors should follow these instructions and maintain a safe distance from animals to avoid dangerous situations.

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