Announcement of Direct Flights between European Country and Russia

The European country of Georgia has announced the commencement of direct flights with Russia.

According to sources, Georgian Airways will resume direct flights to Russia starting next week. This decision has faced strong criticism from Ukraine and the European Union towards the Georgian government.

This step comes at a time when Moscow lifted restrictions on flights with Georgia last week, showing significant improvement in relations between the two countries.

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Oleh Nikolenko, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, tweeted that the world is isolating Russia to force it to stop the war, but Georgia is welcoming Russian airlines and sending them to Moscow. Meanwhile, 20% of the Georgian region is under Russian control, which the Kremlin will certainly be pleased with as a result of such actions.

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In recent months, Georgia has made efforts to balance its relations with its major neighbors, Russia and the European Union.

The European Union expressed regret that Georgia is resuming flights for Russia at such a time when the EU bloc has imposed airspace restrictions for Russian aircraft in response to Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine.

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