Announcement of providing free IT courses to 50,000 young people by the Governor of Sindh

Governor of Sindh Kamran Tessori has announced that fifty thousand young boys and girls from Karachi will undergo new IT courses at the Governor House.

Addressing a ceremony held at the Governor House, he said that this is not for anyone’s recommendation, the youth taking IT courses will earn a monthly income of two to three lakh rupees, and these courses will be absolutely free.

Governor Sindh said that under the Strong Pakistan program, ration for one month will be provided to people for six months.

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He called his driver Mohan to the stage, hugged him, and wished him a happy Eid.

He said that this Governor House is for the people, and my connection with the people will not end until I am in this house. Now it is time to do important work after the iftar, sehri, Eid, and Chand Raat. The ministers and governments of this country have made the poor rich, now it is time to make them rich again.

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Kamran Tessori said, “Are there employment opportunities available to the people in this country? Is there gas coming to everyone’s home? Is there one crore jobs that were promised, and is anyone present here who has gotten one? Did people used to come to the Governor House in this person’s time? This person had said that he would demolish the walls of the Governor House and build an educational institution. Is water coming in pipelines? Will we not stop the tanker mafia? If all this work has to be done, then the people will have to support me.”

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