Apart from kneading dough, what other uses does a rolling pin have? Surprising discoveries!

The rolling pin is used worldwide, especially in South Asia, Pakistan, India, and other regions, in every household kitchen for rolling dough. However, a new discovery has revealed that its use has positive effects on human health.

The rolling pin is found in every kitchen, particularly in South Asia, Pakistan, India, and other countries of the region, because it is used for rolling dough. However, now another use has emerged that has beneficial effects on human health, and that is reducing stomach fat to achieve weight loss.

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To appear more fit, many people spend hours in the gym and improve their eating habits, while some resort to the use of various medications and treatments. However, these days, a unique exercise is going viral on social media, in which women are rotating the rolling pin on their stomachs in an attempt to reduce it.

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There is no medical or scientific evidence for the effectiveness of using a rolling pin in this way to reduce weight or stomach size. However, interesting comments are being made by users regarding this unique and peculiar exercise.

It should be clarified here that the rolling pin used for reducing stomach fat is different from the one used for rolling dough. The rolling pin used for rolling dough has a smooth surface, whereas the rolling pin used for this exercise has three ridges on it.

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