Are there any signs of life on the artificial moon as well? NASA achieves an important success

Houston: NASA scientists have successfully experimented with producing oxygen from the soil present in space for the first time.

According to media reports, the space agency has informed the media that successful extraction of oxygen from the soil of the artificial moon has been achieved, marking the first time this has been done in the environment of space, and paving the way for the use of soil as a means of transportation on the moon.

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NASA stated that using a high-powered laser, scientists focused solar energy (which is like a magnetizing lens) and heated the simulant of lunar soil. This reactor is the place where the process of heating and extracting oxygen takes place.

According to NASA, the process of heating the soil and extracting oxygen takes place within the carbothermal reactor where air is used, which is a device that uses higher temperatures on Earth to produce carbon monoxide or dioxide so that solar panels and steel-like objects can be prepared.

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NASA stated that this test was the first time the reactor was used inside the lunar-like chamber, which provided possible evidence that it can actually work in the lunar environment.

Scientists used a special spherical chamber with a diameter of 15 feet called the “dirty thermal vacuum chamber” to discover it, which they are considering a great success.

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It is clear that…

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