Before Eid, all records of inflation were broken in the country.

Before Eid, all records of inflation were broken in the country. Weekly inflation reached the highest level in the country’s history at 47.23%. According to ARY News, the statistics agency has released a report indicating that there was a further increase of 0.51% in inflation in the past week, with 29 items becoming more expensive and 8 becoming cheaper.

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In the past week, the prices of 14 essential items remained stable, while LPG became 4.75% and petrol became 3.67% more expensive.

The report states that the price of potatoes increased by 3.79%, tea by 3.61%, and chicken by 2%. In a week, the price of a box of matches increased by 2.51% and bananas became 1.68% more expensive.

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Similarly, the prices of rice, jaggery, eggs, mutton, beef, and milk have also increased, while the price of tomatoes has decreased by 13.11% and onions by 4.62%.

There has also been a decrease in the prices of flour, sugar, and garlic this week, breaking records.

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