Birth of a Baby with Shell on its Back

Parents in the United States who gave birth to a baby with a shell on its back named the child “Little Ninja Turtle”. According to a report by a foreign news agency, James McGillem, who is related to Clearwater, Florida, is a birth anomaly.

When James was born on August 19, 2021, the shell had spread 75% on his back. James’ parents initially thought that the lumps on his back were birthmarks.

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However, within two months, it grew rapidly. The baby’s mother, Kaitlyn, said that it reached a point where they had to sleep on its side because it couldn’t lay its head down as it was too big.

James would scratch his back repeatedly because it was itchy.

The baby had two major surgeries, one when he was six months old and the other three months later to remove a large part of the shell. Doctors also took a healthy skin from his back to cover the area where the shell was removed.

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His mother said, “We were very happy with the results. He was able to lay his head down, and he looked very comfortable.”

James’ parents expect him to fully recover by his second birthday in August.

Doctors say that after it was removed, it has stopped growing, and there will only be minimal signs left.

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