Black Hole, Science, and Us

Our relationship with science is as regretful as most politicians in our country are unaware of the economic complexities and fundamental issues of our country. These helpless individuals do not know what the fundamental issue of the nation is, and we do not know what “quantum theory” refers to.

Our enmity with science has been around for a long time, and we had to forcefully study science in meters. Chemistry used to give us a high fever after just three days of continuous study. Our nature was already reluctant towards physics, and then came the time when annual exams were to be held. Our invigilators, who had gone through the horrors of matriculation, knew very well that on exam days, a flood of “cheat sheets” would arrive. Some closely guarded secrets are also shared among students, and often boys swear to reveal that certain questions in the papers will definitely be related to “nitrogen.” Therefore, when we were informed of this secret only a day before the paper, we put aside oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and other substances and began to cram “nitrogen”!

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Note: The above text is a translation from Urdu and may contain errors or convey a different meaning than the original text.

As we handed over our memories and entered the examination hall, we found ourselves humming for no reason. But when we were given the exam paper, we burst into laughter. Then came the moment of reckoning when we looked at the paper and suddenly darkness descended before our eyes. It felt as if the universe had become completely colorless, tasteless, and odorless like oxygen. There was no mention of nitrogen in the paper, and we were asked to describe the properties of carbon dioxide. Our legs began to tremble, our minds started spinning, the map of the world’s instability started rotating in our eyes, and the face of the person standing next to us appeared as if they were the angel of death. But what could we do when there was no mention of nitrogen anywhere and carbon dioxide seemed to us as if we had swallowed a hand grenade with our tea for breakfast.

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Abdul Rehman

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