Blindness Discovered in African Lioness of Churnaaghur After Elephant’s Death Due to Negligence

Discovery of blindness in the African lioness of Churnaaghur

Karachi: After the death of Hathiani Noor due to the administration’s negligence, now the discovery has been made that the lioness in Karachi’s Churnaaghur is blind.

According to ARY News, sources have reported that the discovery of the African lioness being blind in Churnaaghur happened during the process of taking blood samples.

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The team from Four Paws International has advised the Churnaaghur administration to separate the lioness for treatment.

According to sources, the lioness named Nabeena is 17 years old, while the maximum age of a lioness is 19 years.

It should be noted that the elephant named Noor, who was considered the pride of Churnaaghur, had been bedridden for several days before passing away.

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An operation was performed on Noor a few months ago, but due to complications, she had difficulty walking again.

A team of foreign experts had also arrived in Karachi for Noor’s treatment, but despite all their efforts, the elephant could not recover her health.

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