Canada will provide Ukraine with a new military aid package

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been ongoing for over a year, causing significant financial and human losses on both sides, but the conflict shows no sign of ending.

Canada’s Department of National Defense announced that it is providing Ukraine with a new military aid package worth CAD 39 million. The department said in a news release on Friday that the aid includes the provision of approximately CAD 31 million in aid, including 33 lakh liters of high-octane fuel, modular flotation bridges, medical first aid kits, sniper rifles and ammunition.

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According to a report from a foreign news agency, all eight Leopard 2 main battle tanks sent by Canada to Ukraine have now arrived in Poland, and Canada has also appointed three Leopard 2 gunnery-skills trainers to help train the tank crew in Leopard 2 tank operations and tactics.

It is believed that Canada has promised more than CAD 1 billion in military aid to Ukraine by February 2022, including eight Leopard 2 main battle tanks, a national modern surface-to-air missile system, 39 Cougar armored personnel carriers, anti-tank weapons, and high-resolution drone cameras.

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