Chief Justice of Lahore stresses on holding elections within 90 days of assembly’s dissolution according to the constitution.

The constitution states that elections will be held within 90 days of the assembly’s dissolution, Chief Justice Lahore: Chief Justice Omar Ata Bandial stated that according to the constitution, elections must be held within 90 days of the assembly’s dissolution, and it is everyone’s responsibility to implement it.

According to ARY News, Chief Justice Omar Ata Bandial, addressing a conference of minority rights, said that if the constitution states that there will be elections in 90 days, then it is our duty to do so, and we have no other option. This is not a matter of personal preference but a matter of the constitution.

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He said that instead of avoiding what the constitution states, we must do what the constitution says. When the Supreme Court makes a decision, it has an ethical vision. When no appeal is filed, it means no one has any objection, but I hope that all institutions of Pakistan are loyal to the constitution.

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Justice Omar Ata Bandial said that our decision is not influenced by negotiations. Our decision is present, and it needs to be implemented now. History will testify to this decision.

The Chief Justice said that the preservation of the constitution is the primary responsibility of the judiciary, and the decisions of the judiciary have ethical authority.

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He said that such decisions are considered weak around the world that cannot examine the reality of the matter, but when it comes to the implementation of the constitution, we should not blink.

Abdul Rehman

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