City Resident Dies from Bone Stuck in Throat During Mealtime in Hyderabad Village

During mealtime, a city resident died a tragic death due to bone getting stuck in the throat. According to Indian media reports, the incident occurred in the village of Konapuram in the state of Hyderabad, where a strong man was having dinner with his son when suddenly a bone got stuck in his throat, causing him severe discomfort while breathing.

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Upon seeing his father’s condition, the son Nareesh informed the neighbors, who immediately took the man to the nearby hospital, where he eventually passed away during treatment.

The son of the deceased man said that his mother was attending a wedding in another village, and his father had cooked the food himself. They were eating together when the bone got stuck in his father’s throat, leading to his untimely demise.

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After police intervention, the body has been handed over to the family. Local residents reported that the deceased was previously employed as a mechanic and had turned to farming and agriculture to support his family.

(Note: Translation is provided in Urdu)

Abdul Rehman

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