Concerns of Dangerous Virus Spreading as Rapid Forces Attack Biological Lab in Khartoum

During the ongoing conflict in Sudan, the Rapid Forces have attacked a biological lab in Khartoum, raising concerns from the World Health Organization about the spread of a dangerous virus as a result of the attack.

According to international media reports, the threat of the use of bacterial weapons has increased in Sudan, and the Rapid Forces stormed the biological lab in Khartoum in violation of the ceasefire.

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The Rapid Forces seized the lab and prevented access to the facility by officials, as well as cutting off the electricity supply.

The WHO has expressed concerns about the potential spread of a dangerous virus from the lab, and Nima Saeed, the WHO representative in Sudan, has stated that there are various vaccines stored in the lab which require specific temperature conditions, and if the electricity is not restored urgently, the situation could become uncontrollable.

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According to reports, doctors from the lab have appealed to the international community to provide urgent assistance to stop the release of the virus.

Meanwhile, the city of Khartoum has been devastated by fighting between the military and the Rapid Support Forces. The WHO has stated that a wide range of vital and chemical materials are stored in the laboratory, along with potential sources of radiation and other dangerous materials.

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