Corruption Scandal: Investigation underway against 400 tainted officers and officials of the Federal Board of Revenue.

Islamabad: Following the revelation of a corruption scandal involving 400 suspected tainted officers and officials, an investigation has been launched by the Federal Board of Revenue. Meanwhile, the suspected 400 officers and tax officials have been replaced.

According to reports, after the corruption scandal came to light in the Federal Board of Revenue’s Karachi zone office, the Chairman of the FBR, Dr. Asim, has stepped down.

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Sources have reported that an investigation is underway against the suspected 400 tainted officers and officials, while 400 officers and tax professionals have been replaced.

A report on corruption and cases of bribery in the FBR’s zonal offices, as well as reports of exchanges between employees, has been prepared.

The report on exchanges between employees in the FBR’s Karachi office has been submitted to the Public Accounts Committee, which has rejected the report.

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Committee Chairman Noor Alam has stated that every possible step will be taken to prevent corrupt practices in the FBR.

Instead of submitting a report on the tainted officers involved in corruption, the FBR has submitted a report on exchanges between employees. The Public Accounts Committee has requested an action report instead of exchanges or conversations.

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