Count and earn crores!

The British Department of Forests is looking for someone who can count birds in a deserted island, and in return, they will receive 95 crore rupees.

Earning money is essential, and there are many ways to earn a living, including personal business. Employment is the most significant means of livelihood, which comes in various types of professions that require education, skill, and qualifications.

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However, there is also a job in Britain that requires no specific work except for bird counting, and in return, they will receive millions of rupees.

According to foreign media, the British Forest Department is searching for a science graduate who can go to the remote and deserted island of “Gough Island” in the world and count birds. Whoever does this job will receive CAD 45,000 (more than 95 crore rupees in Pakistani rupees) as compensation.

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They are looking for a willing person who can spend some time on the world’s most remote and completely inhabited island in exchange for $45,000 CAD, which amounts to slightly more than 95 crore rupees in Pakistani currency.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in Britain will prefer an experienced person for this job.

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According to the report, the island where this job will be done, i.e., Gough Island, is located in the South Atlantic and is 2,400 kilometers away from Africa, but it is still under British control.

However, due to severe weather conditions and inadequate facilities, it can take a very long time to complete the task.

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