Decision made by Pakistan People’s Party to participate in the PTM protest

Islamabad: Pakistan People’s Party has decided to participate in the protest outside the Supreme Court. This was announced by PPP leaders Nayyar Bukhari and Faisal Karim Kundi during a press conference.

Nayyar Bukhari stated that whatever JUI-F did until the 1970s is in front of everyone, and now PPP will participate in the protest in Punjab in a full-fledged manner. PPP has decided to hold a strong protest on the Constitutional Unity.

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He said that we need a fair justice system that does not make decisions based on preferences or dislikes. When Imran Khan was asked for his arrest on May 11, he was the accused at that time. Every person who is accused is considered guilty until proven otherwise. The question is, why was Imran Khan’s arrest made illegally?

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Faisal Karim Kundi said that everything the PTI goons and hooligans did is in front of everyone. They did everything on the leadership’s orders. Today a lawyer said that Imran Khan had a phone and was giving instructions.

They said that all the actions of the PTI should result in military trials, and Imran Khan gave another threat yesterday. Imran Khan said that when I was illuminating the name of the country, you were not even born yet.

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