Demand for progress on IMF reforms from Pakistan by the United States

Washington: The United States has demanded progress on IMF reforms from Pakistan and stated that the agreed-upon reforms are not easy to implement.

According to details, the United States has asked Pakistan to work on the recommended IMF reforms. Alice Wells, the US Department of State’s Acting Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs, addressed a think tank in Washington, where Pakistani Ambassador Masood Khan was also present.

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The US State Department’s spokesperson for Pakistan, Anjum Chaudhry, said that the US has offered technical assistance to help Pakistan overcome its economic crisis.

Hurst’s remarks were that the reforms agreed upon by Pakistan and the IMF are not easy, and it is crucial to implement them to boost Pakistan’s economy, to save it from further debt, and to promote economic growth.

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The US representative stated that these reforms could lead Pakistan towards a strong financial foundation, and the United States will continue to support Pakistan through technical engagements and assistance.

Their statement was that Pakistan should implement policies that can promote a fair and transparent business environment.

Abdul Rehman

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