Did the watch save her from dying, but how?

After a woman suddenly fell to the ground, Apple Watch played a crucial role in saving her life from certain death. The watch automatically called emergency and ambulance services to help the patient.

The injured woman’s son told the media that his mother was on a business trip. When she started experiencing severe chest pain, she messaged a colleague at the same hotel about her medical emergency.

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Shortly after, the woman suddenly fell on the carpet in her room. When her friend arrived in the room, she found the woman lying on the ground. She immediately called emergency and ambulance services, but to her surprise, the ambulance had already been dispatched and was on its way.

When the patient arrived at the hospital, her condition was critical. It was diagnosed that she had a ruptured aorta, a major artery of the body, which required complex surgery and specialized care in the intensive care unit to gradually recover.

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In such a dangerous situation, it is crucial to transfer the patient to a nearby hospital as soon as possible. In this case, the Apple Watch also played a role in getting the woman to the hospital in a timely manner.

Later, it was revealed that the Apple Watch had automatically made the emergency call to the services after the woman’s sudden fall, using a feature called “Fall Detection” that was available in the watch.

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The “Fall Detection” feature automatically detects sudden and serious falls and calls emergency services, which could be life-saving in such situations.

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