Discovery of a 24-eyed sea creature leaves scientists amazed

In Hong Kong, a 24-eyed jellyfish was discovered, leaving scientists amazed.

According to a report by an international news agency, the jellyfish was found in a pond in Hong Kong, which had not been noticed by anyone before. However, this creature belongs to the box jellyfish family, with three long tentacles and a small transparent body.

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This fish has a total of twelve pairs of eyes, which are distributed in four places of six each. Each eye has what seems to be a sensory pit, which we can call an “eye pit,” and it has been named “rhopalium” in scientific terms.

But the most important thing about it is that it is highly venomous, and there is poisonous material hidden in its tentacles or tentacles. It looks square-shaped and is called the box jellyfish for this reason.

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At Baptist University in Hong Kong, researchers have been observing this fish for the past three years, which is found in freshwater ponds. It has been seen in Mai Po Nature Reserve. Experts have studied its DNA and other members for three years, and have designated it as a completely new species.

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