“Discovery of Common Germs in Noor Jehan and Madhubala Raises Concerns for Madhubala’s Health”

Karachi: Important discoveries related to the Noor Jehan Handni of Karachi Bird House have been revealed. The head of the team for FarPaz, Dr. Aamir Khalil, has disclosed that the same germs found in the samples of Noor Jehan’s blood were also found in the samples of Madhubala.

According to the details, Dr. Aamir Khalil, the head of the team, stated that an analysis of the samples of Noor Jehan’s blood was carried out, and the same germs found in the samples of Noor Jehan were also found in the samples of Madhubala.

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Dr. Aamir Khalil stated that these germs can lead to further illnesses for Madhubala, and timely provision of medicines is necessary for her.

Dr. Aamir Khalil also stated that the administration has been advised to transfer Madhubala to another place since she was suffering from severe joint problems in the joints of her ankles and was not using her hind legs.

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It is worth noting that preparations for the new Madhubala’s house have begun in the Safari Park, and she will be transferred to the Safari on the scheduled time.

The Director of the Bird House and Safari, Kanwar Ayub, had given the task of building Madhubala’s house in 45 days, after which the design for the enclosure of Madhubala was prepared in the Safari Park.

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