Donald Trump snatched a journalist’s phone and had them removed from the plane

Former US President Donald Trump, despite objections, took a journalist’s mobile phone and had them removed from the plane after they asked questions.

On March 25, NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard asked questions related to the case of paying money to adult film actress Stormy Daniels to keep quiet while on the plane with Donald Trump. The journalist had recorded the conversation with a video recorder on their phone.

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The reporter asked, “Are you disappointed?” To which Donald Trump replied, “I don’t get disappointed by anything. I just gave a two-hour speech and came here. Are you seeing any disappointment in me? I am not at all disappointed because this is a fake case and a fake investigation. I did nothing wrong. Don’t ask any more questions now.”

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But the reporter persisted with more questions, which angered the former president. He snatched the journalist’s phone and threw it away while on the plane, and told the flight attendant to remove them from the plane.

It is still unclear which plane this incident happened on.

Abdul Rehman

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