Due to the Hindu nationalist actions, unrest among Indian Sikhs has increased.

The movement for the establishment of Khalistan in India has gained momentum, and Sikh’s discontent is growing. According to reports, Sikhs in Modi’s India are also feeling oppressed by extremist ideologies. Along with the increasing unrest among Sikhs, the threat of Hindu-Sikh violence in India has also increased.

Last year, there were more than 35 protests in 23 countries supporting Khalistan. In many countries, Sikh protesters demonstrated outside Indian embassies. On March 19, 2023, a referendum was held in the Australian city of Brisbane for Khalistan, in which more than 60,000 Sikhs demanded the establishment of Khalistan. During this time, Sikhs also waved Khalistan flags outside the Indian High Commission in London.

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In preparation for quelling the defeat of the fire that broke out in a military truck in Rajouri, a fake operation was planned. On March 27, 2023, the American court (New York’s Federal Court) issued summons against the Chief Minister of Punjab, Bhagwant Singh Mann, and Governor Banwari Lal Purohit for injustices against Sikhs.

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It is clear that after the arrest of Sikh leader Amarpal Singh, the situation in India has become more tense.

Abdul Rehman

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