During the flight, a passenger assaulted two flight attendants, causing them injuries, on a flight from India to Britain.

The incident reportedly started with an argument between the passenger and one of the flight attendants. When other attendants intervened to calm the situation, the passenger also attacked them.

According to media reports, the flight was traveling from New Delhi to London. Air India filed a complaint with the police, and the culprit’s name was put on the no-fly list for two years, preventing them from traveling by any airline.

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The culprit had started misbehaving with the crew as soon as the aircraft took off. They were warned several times but did not comply. Upon learning of the incident, the captain decided to land the plane back in New Delhi. Security and police took the culprit into custody upon arrival at the airport.

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However, it is not known why the passenger acted inappropriately.

Abdul Rehman

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