Easy way to make face-lifting oil from mango seed

If you believe that facial oil is unnecessary for women with oily skin, then it is essential for you to know that renowned international beauty experts refute this notion.

Even famous celebrities with sensitive and fair skin continue to use facial oil daily, which gives their skin a radiant and healthy appearance.

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In this regard, Dr. Butool, a well-known beautician in Pakistan, participated in ARY Digital’s program “Good Morning Pakistan” and shared various methods to maintain skin health and freshness.

On this occasion, Dr. Butool also explained the method of making face-lifting oil from mango seeds. She mentioned that you should take a few slices of mango seed and a little ginger. Soak both ingredients in a cup of water overnight.

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Dr. Butool said that by morning, your face-lifting oil will be ready, and you can apply it around your eye sockets and massage it on your face. This will help eliminate facial wrinkles.

Abdul Rehman

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