Election Commission to Challenge Supreme Court Decision

The Election Commission has decided to file an appeal against the Supreme Court’s decision of April 4th. According to sources, the Election Commission has instructed its legal team to file an appeal against the Supreme Court’s decision of April 4th.

The legal team of the Election Commission has started preparing the appeal, which will soon be filed in the Supreme Court. It should be noted that the Supreme Court had ordered the holding of elections in Punjab on May 14th.

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On the other hand, it is reported that the Attorney General has requested more time from the court in the context of the election case. The Attorney General has requested that consultations with the leaders are ongoing and more time should be given.

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In this regard, the Attorney General and Farooq Naek had a meeting with the Chief Justice in his chamber, where Justice Ajaz-ul-Hasan was also present. After the request, the Supreme Court has postponed further hearing of the election case until April 27th. During this time, the Attorney General also updated the Chief Justice on the progress made so far.

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