Emma Watson explains the reason for distancing herself from acting

Actress Emma Watson, who rose to fame with the Harry Potter film series, has revealed the reason for her departure from acting.

The British actress’s last film, “Little Women,” was released in 2019, after which she has been away from the big screen.

Emma Watson, who has worked in numerous films along with the Harry Potter series, said, “I wasn’t happy as an actress, the truth is I even saw myself as trapped in the jungle.”

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She acknowledged that although she has distanced herself from acting, she will return to the big screen soon.

During an interview, the 33-year-old actress said, “The thing that was most difficult for me was trying to sell something that I had no control over.”

Emma Watson’s career began with the Harry Potter film series at the age of 11.

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She said, “I was struggling with the fact that I had no voice, I couldn’t say anything according to my own thoughts.”

Emma Watson said, “It was my decision, and I should have done things better.”

After distancing herself from acting, she is working as a director and writer, and creating commercial campaigns for fashion brands.

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She said, “I thought that I could do technical work instead of being a creative mind, and I thought I couldn’t use my abilities.”

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