Expensive reward (A learning story)

Expensive reward (A learning story)

The situation was such that Ali’s wish could not be fulfilled again, and he had to face embarrassment in front of his friends. He will not be able to fast this year, nor will he be able to get new clothes on Eid.

For the past few years, Ali’s fasting ceremony was postponed for one reason or another. The financial conditions of the house were not getting better. This time he had some hope, but Ali’s father suddenly lost his job and his hope was shattered. He was sure that he would never be able to fast, nor would he be able to wear new clothes on Eid, nor would he be able to give gifts to his friends on Eid.

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What is the point of fasting? He could have fasted in the previous Ramadan as well, but because of the desire to help those in need, he became stubborn. He was thirteen years old, but the stubborn child inside him continued to push for the fulfillment of his old wish.

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It doesn’t cost money to dream, but Ali’s small wishes continued to haunt him, and he started making new wishes, but soon his dreams were shattered. When Ali saw the moon of Ramadan, he raised his hands to pray, and tears flowed from his eyes uncontrollably. The visible moon became dim. One by one, Ali’s eyes began to sparkle. He remembered the command of God, “Fasting is for me, and I will reward it”.

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