Explanation of the Health Department of Balochistan regarding Monkeypox

Quetta: The Health Department of Balochistan has clarified the situation regarding Monkeypox in Balochistan.

According to details provided by the department, there are no cases of Monkeypox in Balochistan and the suspected patient’s PCR test came back negative.

The Health Department of Balochistan stated that the test report did not provide evidence of Monkeypox in the suspected patient who has been suffering from a skin disease for a long time.

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It should be noted that the spread of Monkeypox in Pakistan has prompted important decisions.

It is worth mentioning that the first suspected case of Monkeypox was reported in Quetta yesterday, when a patient named Fatima Jinnah Chest Hospital was admitted with symptoms of the virus.

Aqib, 35, hailing from the Sherani district of Balochistan, was suffering from a skin disease and arrived in Quetta from Dubai a few days ago, where he was admitted to the hospital with symptoms of Monkeypox.

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