Facebook has suddenly undergone a major change.

San Francisco: Meta, the owner of the world’s most famous social media network, Facebook, made such a change that left users astonished.

According to media reports, Facebook has introduced 2 home feeds for the desktop version, following the Android and iOS apps.

According to the report, one is the usual home feed that appears after signing in to Facebook, which is determined by the algorithm system for posts. But the new home feed, which has been introduced silently, allows users to see new posts from friends, groups, Facebook pages, and favorite accounts because sponsored posts will not appear there.

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This new home feed is hidden in the “Most Recent” option on the left side of the Facebook website, which has been renamed as “Feeds (Most Recent).”

From Meta’s perspective, this change in Facebook is felt as part of efforts to make this social media network similar to TikTok.

Multiple new feeds have also been added to TikTok in recent months so that users can easily find content based on their interests.

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It is clear that while considering users’ potential interests in Facebook, recommended content is provided by algorithms, but the new home feed of the desktop version is essentially a discovery engine for the latest posts.

Abdul Rehman

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