Failed G20 Summit: India Starts Blaming Pakistan

Islamabad: India has started blaming Pakistan for the failure of the G20 summit. According to details, a military truck caught fire in the Rajouri sector of the occupied Kashmir, resulting in the death of 5 soldiers. The fire was caused by a lightning strike in the truck.

At 6 PM, the Indian army declared the incident a grenade attack. Indian media, former officials, Modi’s spokespersons, and journalists called the incident a terrorist attack, while some retired officers and analysts began accusing Pakistan.

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Due to the deteriorating security situation in the occupied valley, most countries refused to participate in the summit. Despite objections from several countries, the Modi government continued with the summit. There were also concerns about protests and strikes by Kashmiris during the G20 summit.

In the midst of war hysteria, Pakistan offered India a peace proposal, but the Indian government refused to consider it. Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto’s possible participation in the SCO summit also put pressure on Indian efforts.

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Experts say that the Rajouri incident seems like a self-staged attack similar to the Pulwama incident. India can apologize for the incident and withdraw from the G20 summit.

Abdul Rehman

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