Faisal Wawda Exposes Faiz Hamid’s Crimes and Allegations on ARY News

While speaking on ARY News program ‘Eleventh Hour,’ Faisal Wawda said that the statements he made in today’s press conference have been submitted to NAB in writing, but I have not yet mentioned Faiz Hamid’s offshore properties. There is a significant mention of Faiz Hamid and his associates’ crimes.

Faisal Wawda said that if necessary, I will present numerous pieces of evidence against many people. Anyone who considers themselves above the country and the law will be exposed.

He revealed that eight months ago, I sacrificed to save Imran Khan. The things I said at that time are now proving to be true.

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He said that the PTI sit-in was being staged to prevent General Asim Munir from becoming the Army Chief. In the chaos of the sit-in, martial law would have been imposed, and General Asim Munir would not have become the Army Chief. After martial law, Imran Khan would have been removed and seated on the Prime Minister’s chair. The whole story will be presented to the nation someday with all the details.

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Faisal Wawda said that the most money in the NCA case went into Faiz Hamid’s pocket. He also mentioned that Faiz Hamid approved the gas project in Chakwal. They were receiving phone calls to complete the Chakwal gas project.

He revealed that on the night of May 8, 11 people from the PTI were my guests. I told them that tomorrow, which is May 9, you have to launch an attack on the ISI headquarters. I told them that if they take this action, I will have them arrested. I told them that they should not be part of this attack. Imran Khan was in jail, dealing with the cases. He had given the orders.

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He said that in the program, I was asked to apologize for the boot-licking issue. At that time, I had also told Imran Khan and his colleagues that I will not apologize. I said that if I am wrong, I will apologize to the constable as well. I said that I brought up the issue of boot-licking in the program regarding politicians.

Abdul Rehman

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