Fatima Bashir: The oppressed woman whose house was destroyed twice in Israeli attacks

In the strip of Gaza, countless people have lost their lives in Israeli airstrikes, while thousands have been left homeless, including a woman named Fatima Bashir.

Fatima Bashir has not only been the victim of Israeli aggression once but twice, but she has not lost her courage and has expressed her determination to rebuild her home once again.

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Fatima Bashir is an example of resilience and determination, being the woman from Gaza who lost her home twice due to Israeli airstrikes but still has the courage to rebuild.

Fatima Bashir’s family was given a warning just minutes before the airstrike to evacuate their home immediately. This warning system is used by the Israeli army to inform civilians of an incoming attack, allowing them enough time to flee.

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Her home was destroyed during the Israeli airstrike in 2014 in the Deir al-Balah area of Gaza. Even today, her house contains only rubble, broken furniture, and scattered household items.

Speaking to the media, Fatima Bashir said that they heard a loud noise, and their neighbors were shouting, telling them to leave the house quickly. So they ran away.

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