First case of death from Congo virus in Karachi

Karachi: The first case of death from Congo virus last year has emerged in the city of Quaid, Karachi. A 28-year-old resident of Liaquatabad, Karachi lost his life to the game of life.

Details of Mohammad Adil, a citizen of Karachi who died from Congo virus, were released by the Health Department of the Sindh government.

According to the report, the affected citizen worked as a butcher and was suffering from fever and headache on March 30. On May 2, he became infected with severe fever and was transferred to a private hospital in Karachi.

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The affected patient, Mohammad Adil, was also under treatment at a private hospital in Karachi for a day, after which bleeding from his nose began.

The report stated that the patient’s dengue and malaria tests were negative, but on May 4, the patient’s condition became extremely alarming.

The patient was transferred to the intensive care unit of a private hospital in Nazimabad. On May 5, Mohammad Adil passed away during treatment. The mentioned butcher’s animal had tested positive for the HSD virus.

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The affected person in Karachi was associated with cutting meat in the Bhains Colony slaughterhouse and Liaquatabad meat market.

According to the health department, the patient did not have any pets and did not recently travel outside of Karachi. It is clear that a woman in Quetta died from the Congo virus on May 2nd before this incident. After testing positive for Congo virus, the woman was transferred to Fatima Jinnah General and Chest Hospital in Quetta. The woman was originally from Afghanistan and resided in a satellite town of Quetta. According to the hospital administration, this is the third death from Congo virus in the past 10 days, while four people have already died from Congo virus in the past four months.

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