Former Chief Minister of Punjab Summoned by NAB in Assets Case

Osman Buzdar, the former Chief Minister of Punjab, has once again been summoned by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in the case of possessing assets beyond known sources of income.

According to details, as the NAB investigation team failed to satisfy its inquiries, they have once again summoned the former Chief Minister of Punjab, Osman Buzdar, on May 9 at 11 am.

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The NAB has demanded answers to a questionnaire consisting of 30 questions from the former Chief Minister of Punjab.

In addition to this, Osman Buzdar has also been asked for answers regarding the construction of a dam in DG Khan, including providing approval to individuals with a liking for projects worth Rs. 4 billion in a single day.

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It is worth noting that on May 2, assets beyond known sources of income were presented before the NAB office by the former Chief Minister of Punjab, Osman Buzdar.

On the previous appearance, Osman Buzdar was asked to provide a reply to a notice, however, he apologized for not providing the answers to the questionnaire in the previous appearance.

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According to sources, the NAB authorities have also inquired about the details of development funds of Tonsa and DG Khan, while also asking for the records of visible frontmen from Osman Buzdar.

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