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GMail & GDrive down, unable to send mail with attachment

The malfunction of the Google service from 7 am today. Problems also for the search engine and Drive: the reports from all over the world on social networks and sites, including Italy

“Sorry, there was a problem.” It is the message received by those who try to send an attachment to Gmail, the Google e-mail service that seems to have some technical problems from 7am. The disruption affects messages with attached files (photos or documents), with error warnings that appear both on the desktop and in the mobile app.

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The confirmation comes from Downdetector, where the malfunction is reported in various areas of the world, from the US to Saudi Arabia. And many on Twitter wonder what is happening on the Mountain View servers to the point of causing the #gmaildown.

Another message that reaches those who try to send on Gmail reads: “The message could not be sent. Check the network and try again”. According to what was found by, Google is among the top six services with critical issues that at the moment seem to affect, in addition to Gmail, also the search engine and Drive.

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