Good news for fans of the Twilight series!

It has been reported in global media that the book series written by Stephanie Meyer, which became a highly successful movie franchise, will now be adapted into a TV series by Lionsgate Television. Following the immense success of the movie adaptations, Lionsgate Television has decided to bring the story back to life on the small screen.

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The series follows the story of the love and war between vampires, the bloodsucking creatures, and their prey, the werewolves. It is expected that Stephanie Meyer herself will also be involved in bringing the story to the screen.

However, a spokesperson for Lionsgate has denied commenting on the matter and no details have been revealed yet as to how the book series will be adapted for TV.

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The story revolves around a teenage girl named Bella Swan, who falls in love with Edward Cullen, a vampire, after moving to the town of Forks in Washington. As Bella discovers Edward’s true identity, an important twist in the story takes place, and the introduction of werewolf Jacob Black creates a love triangle.

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The Twilight Saga film series earned over $3.4 billion worldwide, with the first movie, Twilight, being released on November 21, 2008, and the second movie, New Moon, being released on November 20, 2009.

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