Good news for non-citizen drivers in Dubai

Non-citizen drivers in Dubai who have been unable to obtain a local license despite showing their country’s license have been given another opportunity. According to foreign media, Dubai Road and Transport Authority has stated that those driving license holders who have not been given the opportunity to obtain a local license by showing their license will now be given this opportunity and they should consider it a golden chance.

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The authority says that so far this facility has been given to driving license holders from 43 countries. However, those license holders who did not have the opportunity in the past to obtain a local license in exchange for their country’s license can now take advantage of it.

Officials say that there are various conditions for obtaining a driving license in the United Arab Emirates. For example, driving training and attendance in driving classes are mandatory. In addition, passing a driving exam and a general knowledge test is also necessary. Individuals from the 43 countries are exempt from these restrictions. They are issued a UAE driving license without passing these restrictions and only showing their country’s license.

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The authority has made it clear that the new facility is only for holders of driving licenses for small cars and is not for those who hold heavy driving licenses.

It should be noted that local authorities have allowed driving license holders from different countries to obtain their country’s driving license by showing it in Dubai in the past, but this new opportunity is for those who did not have this option before.

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