“Good news related to petroleum products is coming”

Minister of State for Petroleum, Muzaffar Malik, has said that we will receive shipments of petroleum products in a few weeks and we hope to hear good news about petroleum products by Eid-ul-Adha.

While speaking on ARY News program ‘Sawal Yeh Hai’, Muzaffar Malik said that integrity should be restored in politics and differences should not be turned into enmity. He said that some people thought that the government should not have come to power and when it did, Nawaz Sharif wanted to go to immediate elections. The burden of inflation has increased on poor people, which is causing difficulties for us.

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He said that despite the separation from the PPP, Mustafa Nawaz did not criticize the party. The ministry is a trust of the party and when it is said to leave, it will be left. We have 20 million motorcycles and 3.7 million cars in our country and we are trying to provide relief to the poor class.”

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Abdul Rehman

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