Health Insurance Packages for Non-Nationals in Abu Dhabi

How much medical insurance do non-nationals get in Abu Dhabi? Non-nationals in Abu Dhabi are being provided with health insurance ranging from 600 AED to 12,000 AED by a national insurance company at an affordable price. According to Arab media, the Abu Dhabi Health Department has stated that “the national insurance company is providing medical insurance packages at suitable prices to non-national residents, and it started at 600 AED.”

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The Health Department of Abu Dhabi further stated that various categories of medical insurance packages are being provided according to the needs of all members of society, and there is a concerted effort to ensure that all classes of society benefit from health insurance facilities.

The Health Department also stated in its statement that insurance companies in Abu Dhabi are offering packages ranging from 750 AED, 600 AED, and up to 12,000 AED. A health insurance package is also being provided for emergency situations, but its price has not been determined.

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Abdul Rehman

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